A Season of Revival

It’s now July and several seasons have come and gone. I am reviving this blog with a deep breath and a purposeful approach.

Before I tell you what the new purpose of this blog will be, I have to update you on the season in which I currently reside. As of this spring I began a new adventure in my professional career – grad school. I am joyfully overwhelmed with information, ideas, assignments, and a desire to grow, but am also realizing that time spent with family, friends, and my personal hobbies has fallen by the wayside.

In order to be present in the lives of those I love, and take time out for myself, I will be making an effort to invite friends and family into my home to cook and do life together and post about our experiences through this blog. I hope A Different Season will inspire you to reconnect with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while and have a great meal while you’re at it!

I can’t wait to jump back into the adventure of blogging and I hope you’ll join in with your own recipes and ideas on how to make time for your loved ones.

Let’s do this.


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